I Thought It Was Morning Vinyl

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I Thought It Was Morning Vinyl - 

Got a good look at the vinyl yesterday. The artwork looks nice and crisp and the lollipop red vinyl looks almost edible, works well with the black and white. Tama’s featured on the cover but, she’s like, ‘whateva’. Too cool to care.


Youth Camp Records




Youth Camp Records presents an ALL AGES matinee show:

Colour Me Wednesday
Indie pop with tinges of punk. Think Lily Allen, but with hints of bands like Lemuria & at times maybe even the emo-ness of a band like Everybody Asked About You. Released their brilliant debut album this year on Discount Horse.

fuzzy indie two piece. Playing with No Age & Los Campesinos in the coming months, and I think their sound lays somewhere in the middle!

No Ditching
Durham pop punk soul sistas. First time in the big smoke ! 13 minute sets, 6 songs & having to rush off early so 2/5ths of the band can get their homework done! Members of Martha, Fashanu, Jazz In My Pants, Protohero & Naomi Has No Friends.

London’s loveliest pop PUNKERS. played out a lot in London this year. If you haven’t seen them yet, stop missing out. If you have, y’all now to get down early.

£3 for Under 16s. £5 for over 16s. If its a little ones first gig, they are free!
This show is all ages, and its really hard to find great spaces that are happy to accommodate this so have a think about bringing a younger sibling, neighbor or friend!

There will be food at the show for sale! Most probably Hot Dogs, definitely vegan, positively incredibly tasty!

all proceeds from this show, and the food stand goes to the DIY Space for London Fundraising Page. An amazing foundation you should all get involved with!